Career Counselling for students of 10th and 12th Standard



Need for Career Counselling

We often come across individuals who are grossly unhappy and unfulfilled with the work they are doing, a recent survey indicated that 70% of the professionals going to the work are unhappy and want to be in a different profession. In almost all the cases, these individuals would have spent a much happier life if they had got into the right profession with career guidance at the right age or stage of their lives.

As Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question that we should have for all of us at this point of our journey is, “What is your genius and how to arrive at that?”

Most students make poor study stream and career selection decisions due to uncertainty and lack of awareness which was quite evident in another survey done on the high school students where the students were aware of only 7 careers on an average, when in the modern times, 200+ lucrative careers are on offer.



To arrive at the most suited career for an individual, the career counseling is needed at the right age since most of the time, our career is largely dependent on the study stream that we select. High school is by far the most susceptible moment in terms of career. So, the perfect age to start the career counseling process is when the student is close to make the study streams decision like in class 9th or 10th.

But for those who have crossed the high school stage, it is never too late since we have so many examples of individuals who have already selected a professional career making a career shift to the best suited career options with the right guidance and counseling.


What is Career Counseling and how does it help?

Our career development is a lifelong process that actually started when you were infants. There are a number of factors that influence our career development, including our interests, skills, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career Counseling is a process that will help us to know and understand our skills, persona, interest along the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.

The goal of Career Counseling is to not only help us make the decisions we need to make now, but to give us the knowledge and skills we need to make future career and life decisions.

Career counselling is more than just filling out a questionnaire about your preferred career path. It’s a scientific method that helps students to evaluate their abilities, understand their persona, be clear on their interest and subjectively analyse the most suited career options, and choose the best one for them. Career counsellors help the students develop a solid career strategy which can give them lifelong fulfilment & happiness.

Those who use Google Maps on their phones are aware of how precise the route to a destination is displayed. Similarly, career counsellors guide a student down the best career route by laying out a well-defined course for them to follow. A clear career map is an effective tool for students to stay focused and achieve positive and successful outcomes.


New Age Careers and Skills required for students in the 21st Century

Careers in the 21st century have got evolved which includes modern careers like Digital Marketing, UI Designer, Data Science, Gamer, Social Influencer, Social Media Managers etc. Accordingly, to the world economic forum, 65% of children entering schools will end up in professions that don’t yet exist and students are not fully ready to face the uncertainties of fast changing world. Therefore, it is important to understand what are the top new age careers and what kind of skills are required by students to upskill themselves in the 21st Century.


The skills which are required to be developed in students for the new age careers are problem solving, effective communication, creativity, coding, multi-tasking, emotional intelligence, self-motivation. These are a total of 18 such top skills which are required to be developed for holistic development of the students for helping them into careers of the 21st century.


How career recommendation should be done:

Career Counseling is a very structured process which is divided into the following steps

·         Step 1 - Career Aptitude Testing – where a student is asked to take a aptitude and psychometric test to understand the students skills, interest and personality

·         Step 2 – Career Counseling and guidance – where the counselor talks to the student and understands the students background, goals and other intrinsic feedback and then uses the career report to understand the student holistically and guide the student

·         Step 3 – Career Plan and Learning recommendations – the career counselor chalks out a plan to advice on recommended careers, learnings and skill grade to go in such careers, developing career goals and finding the right institutions and courses to target.

The ideal career for an individual is the one which is based on skills, persona, interest and the long-term scope of the selected career.

Based on the psychometric career test, report and counseling, students should be encouraged to pick up the right subjects, extracurricular activities, and courses that complement the skills and talent of the individual. This direction not only helps the individuals find out your key strengths but also guides to work on it and most importantly utilize it to their advantage. Selecting the right subjects or streams is most likely the first step the student will take for moving in the right direction in the career and choosing the same accurately and judiciously is the first benefit of the career counseling process.

Another very important aspect here is for students and parents to understand the modern-day career options since the career landscape has vastly changed in last 5-10 years because of the advancements of digital technology and is continuously changing. So, it is not just important to understand the most suited careers but also to dig deep in each of these career options to see what is the long-term prospect of this career and whether the chosen career will flourish further with the changing technology, social and behavioural dynamics.

Gurukulprep’s career counselling platform has been designed keeping all the above aspects in contention. The vision of Gurukulprep is to help students & professionals realize their potential, and align them to the right career path

Gurukulprep follows the concept of Holistic 360 degrees skill assessment and learning. Our psychometric assessments have been created after an extensive research and statistical validations by a team of experts who are PHDs, Psychologist, Neuroscience experts, IITians with AI expertise and HR experts. Gurukulprep measures individual’s unique aptitude, interest and personality, which are used to uniquely suggest the desired careers for the student and also recommended the learning interventions needed for skill upliftment. There are 14 unique skills, 10 interest parameters and 10 core personality dimensions which assessed as part of our career tests.

Till date, more than 30,000 students have received career, job and upskilling related counselling on Gurukulprep’s platform across 118+ cities and 24 states in India and 4 other countries. Gurukulprep has received multiple accolades and awards in National & International forums and media channels.

Gurukulprep Career Tests can be taken at and Gurukulprep can be contacted at and on the following numbers - +91-9506221793, +91-9889725336

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