Introduction to Crescent Gurukul Limited

Crescent Gurukul Limited is a leading social enterprise in the field of education and training. Founded in 2008, on the principles of reliability, trust and quality, we have consistently grown to become an award-winning institution. With a team of highly-qualified and dedicated teachers, trainers and research and support staff, our mission is to provide a premier learning experience rooted in rigorous academics, creative thinking and values-based education. We strive to empower every student with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Whether you’re looking for school curriculum, test preparation or skills that are in demand, Crescent Gurukul Limited will provide you with all the resources necessary to reach your dreams. We take great pride in providing unique learning opportunities that foster personal growth while inspiring students to be life-long learners. Gurukul Universal is the leader in computer and vocational training, offering world-class courses to help students reach their full potential. Boasting a team of experienced teaching professionals from diverse backgrounds, Gurukul Universal takes pride in providing comprehensive programs that cover everything from face-to-face classes and soft skills video lessons. From accounting to programming and career guidance, Gurukul Universal offers an array of resources for its students so they can become industry-ready for any job market. With a commitment to teamwork and quality, Gurukul Universal provides an inclusive learning environment where everyone is encouraged to develop their skills and pursue their dreams. Gurukulprep has been helping students master their entrance exams for engineering and medical colleges, as well as prepare for government services. With a commitment to excellence, our online test series provides the most comprehensive preparation available for students who are determined to achieve success on their exams. At Gurukulprep, every day is dedicated to providing students with the best possible guidance and resources they need to stay ahead of the competition. Our team of instructors is dedicated to helping you understand difficult concepts and build foundational knowledge while providing tips and strategies proven to help improve performance. From personalized feedback on your tests and learning materials that are updated regularly to frequent interaction with experts in various fields, Gurukulprep is the total package when it comes to preparing for your entrance exams! Gurukulplex is the ultimate online education destination for students from kindergarten to class 12. With comprehensive courses in all core subjects, a platform powered by cutting edge technology, and highly experienced teachers; Gurukulplex wants to make sure that each student receives the best possible education. Unlike conventional teaching methods, Gurukulplex focuses on providing personalized learning experiences with interactive lessons and adaptive quizzes. We ensure that each student gets the individual attention they need to reach their full potential. At Gurukulplex, we believe in creating a nurturing environment where every student can learn in an engaging and caring manner. At Gurukul Code Club, we will make learning to code so easy and accessible. We will provide a free online platform for anyone and everyone who wants discover the exciting world of coding - no matter their age, skill level or experience. No prior knowledge is needed: from basic HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Python, our friendly community will guide you every step of the way. Whether you are a student wanting to explore a new career path or just interested in coding as a hobby, we will have the resources to suit your needs. With our renowned teaching methods and 24/7 support system, you will be able to learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

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