Important Year of Our History 1960: Bombay state split into Maharashtra and Gujarat

On May 1, 1960, Bombay State was divided into two new states: Maharashtra and Gujarat. The split was a result of linguistic and cultural differences between the people of the region. Maharashtra became the state for Marathi-speaking people, while Gujarat became the state for Gujarati-speaking people.

The demand for a separate state for Marathi-speaking people had been brewing for many years. The Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti, a political organization, had been formed in 1956 to advocate for a separate state. The movement gained momentum, and on May 1, 1960, Maharashtra was formed with Bombay as its capital.

The creation of Gujarat was also a result of a similar demand. The Gujarati-speaking people had been agitating for a separate state for several years, and their efforts finally paid off with the formation of Gujarat on the same day.

The split of Bombay State was not without controversy. There were concerns about the division of resources, particularly the city of Bombay, which was a major economic hub. The city was eventually made a separate entity, known as Mumbai, and made the capital of Maharashtra.

The split of Bombay State had a significant impact on the region. It led to the formation of two distinct states, each with its own unique identity and culture. The creation of Maharashtra and Gujarat also paved the way for other linguistic states to be formed in India.

In conclusion, the split of Bombay State into Maharashtra and Gujarat on May 1, 1960, was a significant event in the history of India. It was a result of the demand for separate states based on linguistic and cultural differences. The split paved the way for other linguistic states to be formed in India and had a significant impact on the region's political and social landscape.

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