Important Year of Our History 1974: India became 6th nation to explode an atomic bomb

On May 18, 1974, India became the sixth nation in the world to explode an atomic bomb. The test, code-named "Smiling Buddha," was conducted in the Rajasthan desert and marked a major milestone in India's nuclear program.

The test was carried out by the Indian Army's Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps under the supervision of Dr. Raja Ramanna, a leading nuclear scientist. The device used in the test was a fission bomb, which had a yield of around 15 kilotons.

The test was a closely guarded secret, and the news of India's nuclear test came as a surprise to the world. The international community reacted strongly to the test, with many countries condemning India's decision to develop nuclear weapons.

India defended its decision, arguing that it had the right to develop nuclear weapons for self-defense. The country had faced security threats from its neighboring countries, including China and Pakistan, and believed that possessing nuclear weapons would act as a deterrent.

The test also had significant domestic implications. It was a source of great pride for many Indians, who saw it as a symbol of India's scientific and technological prowess. The test also helped to establish India's position as a major player in the international arena.

In the years that followed, India continued to develop its nuclear program, conducting several more tests in 1998. The tests sparked international outrage, and India faced significant diplomatic pressure to abandon its nuclear program. However, India stood firm in its position, and eventually, the international community began to accept India's status as a nuclear power.

In conclusion, India's decision to conduct a nuclear test on May 18, 1974, was a significant event in the country's history. It marked India's entry into the exclusive club of nuclear powers and had significant implications for both India's domestic and international politics. The test continues to be a subject of debate and controversy, with many arguing that it set off a nuclear arms race in South Asia.

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